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NHS Direct

Website of the NHS Direct health advice service.


Bowel Cancer UK

Bowel Cancer UK aims to save lives by raising awareness of bowel cancer, campaigning for best treatment and care and providing practical support and advice.


British Liver Trust

The British Liver Trust is the national charity working to reduce the impact of liver disease in the UK


British Society of Gastroenterology

The British Society of Gastroenterology (BSG) exists to maintain and promote high standards of patient care in gastroenterology and to enhance the capacity of its members to discover and apply new knowledge to benefit patients with digestive disorders. Our members include physicians, surgeons, pathologists, radiologists, scientists, nurses. dieticians, and others.


Coeliac UK

Coeliac UK is the leading charity working for people with coeliac disease.



Core is the national UK charity that funds research into all the diseases of the gut, liver and pancreas.


National Association for Colitis and Crohn's Disease

This website is for people with Ulcerative Colitis and Crohn's Disease (Inflammatory Bowel Disease or  IBD), their families and friends, and health professionals working in this field. It is provided by the National Association for Colitis and Crohn's Disease (NACC), which is a UK Charity.


National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence

NICE is an independent organisation responsible for providing national guidance on promoting good health and preventing and treating ill health.



UpToDate is a medical information web site where patients can go to learn about a medical condition, better understand management and treatment options, and find information to have a better dialogue with their health care providers.


Note: Wight Gastro has tried to ensure the accuracy of the links to the organisations listed. However they are independent of Wight Gastro which  cannot accept any responsibility for these organisations or the information they provide.